10 Examples of the Ambigrams

“Typography, when coupled with unbridled creativity, craftsmanship, and obsession, can take the mesmerizing form of an ambigram. Ambigrams are typographic designs that combine optical illusion, symmetry, and visual perception. The resulting word or phrase can be read in any number of orientations, viewpoints, or directions.

“Here is your master class in the art and craft of the ambigram. Curated by graphic and ambigram designer Nikita Prokhorov, this book offers a thorough introduction to the esoteric artistic movement made popular by Dan Brown’s novel Angels & Demons. You’ll find insightful introductions to the ambigram from an all-star panel of design judges. Next comes a series of case studies that includes sketches and the thought process behind the creation of some fascinating ambigrams. Finally, the showcase section presents numerous curated artworks from ambigramists around the world.”

Big | Kirk Visola

Fizzy | Hidden Characters

Revelation | Mark Simonson

Rest In Peace | Nicholas Gilbert

Cheap | Hidden Characters

Sex Drugs & Rock n Roll | Awang Purba

Coffee | Marcos Mazzei

Tintin | João Neto

Life/Death | Charles Krausie

Drink/Drunk | Mark Simonson

Adapted from Ambigrams Revealed: A Graphic Designer’s Guide To Creating Typographic Art Using Optical Illusions, Symmetry, and Visual Perception by Nikita Prokhorov.

via: stocklogos.com


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